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Cinnamon Training Academy (CTA)

CTA - Cinnamon Training Academy (CTA) Limited, Public Private Partnership (PPP) Company with limited liability was incorporated in Sri Lanka on 13th June2006 and registered under the Companies Act. The Shareholders of the company are Producers, Dealers & Exporters members of the Ceylon Cinnamon Association (CCA) and The Spice Council (TSC) who are dedicated for the development of the Cinnamon Industry. 


OuR Traning programme

Three types of training programs relevant to cinnamon industry

1. Competency Based Training Programme (CBT)
2. Recognized Prior Learning program (RPL)
3. Foundation Training for Processors Programme (FTP)

Competency Based Training Programme (CBT)

We have two types of Competency Based Training Programes and these two programs categorized under NVQ 3 and NVQ 4
1. Cinnamon Field Operations Course
Cinnamon Field Officer (NVQ Level 4)
Cinnamon Harvester (NVQ Level 3)
2. Cinnamon Factory Operations
Cinnamon Factory Officer (NVQ Level 4)
Cinnamon Processor (NVQ Level 3)

Recognized Prior Learning Program (RPL)

Recognized Prior Learning Programs were conducted with the assistance of Ministry of Primary industries and Social Welfare. This program was aim to cinnamon peelers and they were certified by National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 03. We have conducted and successfully completed 10 RPL Programs training 375 candidates.

Foundation Training for Processors Programme (FTP)

Foundation Training for Processors Program was aimed to beginners. This training program focuses to attract people to the industry. We have started this program with a very small group and now this is the most demanding program of our institute.
We have conducted training programs for Cinnamon Peelers, Field officers, Factory officers and other value chain actors like Cinnamon collectors and exporters. This program content is based on the candidates’ requirement.


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Benefits of Certification

The competitiveness of Ceylon cinnamon is being challenged by cassia on price and volume. It has been observed that during last two decades or so the quality of cinnamon exported from Sri Lanka notably deteriorated due to this competitive environment. The industry in the face of emerging competition and threat of losing market share visa via cassia. Therefore it looked at diverse options and strategies to consolidate and expand exports of Ceylon cinnamon.

Why we specialize

First institution to award NVQ certificates for any agro based product in the country
Cinnamon Training Academy has created history by training actors in the cinnamon industry and awarding them NVQ certificates as this a first for any agro based product in the country which is not available even for tea, rubber and coconut
Our Specially designed study programs will guide persons with prior gained skills and also youth, school leavers willing to grow into vocationally qualified and certified cinnamon industry workers. We are committed towards improving quality of our training. I believe that students who complete their courses with our Academy will be competent to deliver best service at all levels. By the end of training CTA qualified persons will be ready to take up a variety of roles in the cinnamon industry.

Values of CTA

It is the bridge of linking public and private sector establishments involved in cinnamon industry. The CTA has pioneered to establish an international trade compliance system for Ceylon cinnamon industry in Sri Lanka. The CTA has instrumental in pioneering the implementation of recognizing the industry experts through prior learner’s assessment program in coordination with NAITA. The CTA also implements consultancies and advisory services disseminating the knowledge and technology for existing and new investments in the industry. Nationally accredited training frame work recognizes the skills and capacities of cinnamon households/individuals awarding a National Vocational Qualification for level 3 & 4 for those qualifying after an assessment carried out by TVRC registered CTA is a well-equipped training facility with learned and trained resources that is capable of leading the industry for competitive trade and sustainable income generation for its stakeholders.

The primary objective

The primary objective of CTA is to “provide service to train value chain actors in the cinnamon industry for increasing the production capacity and enhance quality and standards compliance capacity to elevate the industry to a national symbol of quality and excellence”.

 Foundation Training Program - Registration