Occupation(NVQ Level 4)

Cinnamon field officer : to manage and control all field activities from field preparation to harvesting of cinnamon plantation on the recommended agricultural practices with view to optimize the cinnamon yield and the sustainability of cinnamon plantation and able to train Cinnamon Harvesters in all activities of harvesting.

Occupation(NVQ Level 3)

Cinnamon harvester:
to produce Pure Ceylon Cinnamon quills to the acceptable quality standards adopting approved food safety management systems and optimize productivity.

Modules of the Occupation

BM 01 and Module 01 – 10
1. Manage cinnamon plant nursery,
2.Prepare land for planting cinnamon,
3.Conserve soil,
4.Plant & infill cinnamon plants,
5. Implement immature pruning & plant training in a new plantation,
6.Harvest Cinnamon trees,
7.Maintain cinnamon bushes,
8.Supervise cinnamon harvesting operations,
9.Practice on occupational health & safety,
10.follow up on standards/ codes / health /safety regulations’.